The Fitness Program at the Baptist Church has started up again following our summer break. It is nice to get back to exercising our poor bodies. We all need to move and I know, when you don’t, you seize up like an old engine. The program is held from Mon – Fri mornings 9am – 10am. Enter the main entrance and go down the stairs to the left. It is held in the lower level. This is not a profit-making group. We just meet, follow exercise programs on a disk, – right now we are running “Walk Away the Pounds” with Leslie Sansone 1-3 miles. It is a chance to get out together and do something for ourselves. We are still looking for an Easy Rider (Brand Name). If there is someone out there willing to donate one we would appreciate it. We have very little space for storage of the machines but that particular machine is very good for weight loss and toning. If you have any question, please feel free to call me at 902-866-0490.

Arlene Bent