5 6 7 8 ……ready, set, cheer!
Do you have a child at home who is continuously doing cartwheels? Maybe you have a little girl who has aspired to be like the cheerleaders they see on the show “Cheer Squad”. Maybe you have an ex-gymnast at home who is looking for something different. Well, cheerleading is huge in Canada, likely bigger than you even know. Located just in your backyard is a program called Integrity Cheer Allstar Cheer & Tumble, also known as ICE Allstars. Cheerleading is a sport that combines jumping, tumbling, stunting, pyramid building and tossing all in two minutes and thirty seconds. It has gained popularity with various television shows, online series and movies featuring the exciting sport. The ICE program, located at 5 Sanford Drive, Windsor, NS boasts various programs and classes for the new and beginner athlete to the competitive world’s level athlete. Chris Cunningham, or Coach Chris, has recently relocated from a large Allstar Cheer program in Toronto, Ontario to work with the athletes, coaches and management of ICE to build up their teams, provide new training opportunities for athletes of all levels and ages. “It has been such an amazing transition to watch these kids grow week after week. The kids and parents have been so receptive to the changes we have made inside the gym, it’s going to be a great season at ICE.” If you are interested in more information on how you can get involved email us at
or visit the gym at 5 Sanford Drive, Windsor Industrial Park.
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