Residents are requesting something be done about traffic into and out of the Irving near Exit 3 Mount Uniacke. Yes, it’s a busy intersection and as traffic increases regularly, it will come as a bigger concern if ALL drivers do not abide by the “rules of the road”.
A STOP sign needs NO explanation, but it’s amazing how many people just do not stop at the STOP sign facing the Irving! The Mount Uniacke COP group did a survey of STOP signs in our community last year including the “Irving / Hwy #1 / STOP sign” and it’s amazing how many people did not stop at the STOP sign and how many others were courteous and waved people through who were waiting to come out of the Irving and how many more people who are turning into the Irving allowed cars the “right of way” to exit the Irving! It’s great to see how courteous some of our residents are, but it is causing confusion and could possibly lead to accidents.
- A STOP sign needs no explanation as to the responsibility of ALL drivers. You MUST come to a full and complete STOP – no matter what……………..
- If you are driving along Highway #1 towards the STOP sign from either direction, or are intending to go on the ramp to enter Hwy 101 (signal light indicating your intentions), or are intending to enter the Irving (either entrance as your signal light is indicating) you have 100% “right-of-way”. Yes, you even have the right-of-way over the cars at the STOP sign.
- Next in line comes the vehicle at the STOP sign. As long as there is NO danger from vehicles coming from either direction on Hwy #1, you have the complete right-of-way to do what your vehicle’s signal is indicating – either turning left onto Hwy #1 or right onto Hwy #1 or going straight through into the Irving parking lot.
- If you are coming OUT of the Irving, you are last car in the “right-of-way” ruling. You must wait for the traffic moving along Hwy 1 AND at the STOP sign to complete their moves before you can safely exit the Irving lot in the direction your signal light is indicating. Doesn’t matter which exit you are using, you must wait for all other traffic to be out of harm’s way, including your own, before you can move.
Remember, the Irving accesses are to be treated as driveways, NOT part of the road, therefore the two Irving exits are NOT part of an intersection. While it’s nice to know that there are courteous drivers allowing vehicles to exit the Irving lot, it does create confusion and is dangerous.
The RCMP can advise / collaborate with TIR and make recommendations, but in the end it is the vehicle operator’s responsibility to know, understand and carry out the proper rules of the road for everyone’s safety.
The flashing amber light at this “intersection” is an indicator for traffic to slow down and proceed with caution. Many years ago the request was put into TIR to add a red light to go with the amber light. The amber light would be seen from either direction on the Hwy #1 and the red light would be seen from the STOP sign and the Irving access “driveways”. Problem solved as long as drivers acknowledged, understood and adhered to their purpose. But, it was determined there were actually not enough accidents at that intersection to create the necessity for the red flashing light. With the population increase over the last several years in Mount Uniacke and with the increased traffic coming through from Rawdon, Ellershouse and Ardoise and eventually Forest Lakes, not to mention the increased population in East Uniacke (Cottage Country) and in other areas of our community, it may be time for TIR to re-evaluate that intersection and perhaps add the flashing red light OR perhaps some other way of “directing the traffic in a much more safe and efficient manner”? ie a round-about?
Having discussed this particular intersection, and with the increased traffic (people and cars) everywhere in our community- ie: the village itself, as well as the area near and around the skateboard park, the school, the highway around Eddy’s and last but not least – the Business Park – it’s time more serious consideration is given to the traffic increase as well as the speed limits and more due diligence on the part of ALL drivers to slow down, heed the traffic and the people around you and drive defensively and safely.