I am here from New Brunswick to help organize a fundraiser for this family. I am using a Facebook page to reach as many people as we possibly can.
On June 10th there will be a SPAGHETTI DINNER at Centre Burlington Hall 2-6pm followed by a Silent Auction and Live Auction by Laurie Parker of Brooklyn.
In September 2016 this family’s lives changed forever.
Money is being raised to help the family of 2 year old twins who contracted E-coli poisoning in September 2016 and have been at the IWK ever since. One of the twins has been at the IWK ever since September 2016, requiring 24 hour care and the parents – Dana and Tracy – have been changing shifts every three days. Unable to work at this time and with 3 other children at home, and with the baby, Makayla, needing hands-on treatments throughout the day and night, the parents have had to put their jobs on hold. Support from surrounding areas would be a BIG help to ensure the family doesn’t lose their home and keeping a place for Makayla to come home to. The ongoing expense of having to change the house for a handicapped child is high and this family requires YOUR help.
Makayla went into the hospital walking, talking, eating, kissing and hugging. Now, she can only do what you do for her. She’s in a wheel chair and has a tube in her belly so she can be fed. Please come out and donate for our auction – cash donations – anything you would like to do would be greatly appreciated. Help with the cooking and fundraising would be greatly appreciated.
On behalf of the family – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Call numbers: Vickie 506-323-1990 / Tracy 902-402-9960
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