This document shows all of the “Terms and Conditions” that the proponent must conduct their industrial activities under, including what and when they must provide data to NSE.

You will note as you read, the great latitude in basically allowing them to monitor themselves right down to the ‘absurd’ requirement for them to deal with any/all public complaints and then require of them to submit info of these complaints to them in their “once” yearly report to Government. NSE basically washes their hands of the operation with the exception of the ‘minimal expectations’ they require of the proponent and their once “every 3 years” audit inspection.

You read and decide for yourself if this seems to be enough for you to ensure this quarry is being regulated sufficiently for ‘someone’ to be accountable to the residents and environment, wild/bird life, wetlands, lakes, rivers, endangered river species, our air quality, and our way of life we enjoy here in Mount Uniacke!

The Newsletter team is working diligently to download the file for you. Please be patient with us as we figure out how to do it.