Fieldstone Fences: Part 6

The biggest change to come in the lives of the residents was in the spring of 1865 with the prospecting trip of Charles Sier. Whichever direction he entered the bush that day he came out with the quartz of a gold strike in his packsack – life was to change all over Uniacke. Unless we […]

Fieldstone Fences: Part 5

Now I would like to take you to the end of the East Road and work our way back in. It’s not really because I want the beginning and the end to meet in the middle, it’s just that it might make a better picture that way. At the end of the East Road we […]

Fieldstone Fences: Part 4

In several property deeds of the 1840’s the boundary lines speak of the Hibbits Road and the road to the “Back Settlement”. Both descriptions are of the road to East Uniacke. Let’s take that road right now and travel back into East Uniacke’s interesting past. In the year 1783 on proclamation of peace between Great […]

Fieldstone Fences: Part 3

Just as now, dotted in among the every day life were a few things to look forward to – such as the Horseback Race from Halifax to Pence’s Inn (opposite Bell Park) run in 1834. While they were waiting for the first horses to come in sight, some of the old stories would be told. […]

Fieldstone Fences: Part 2

After many years of serving the carriage trade, the time of the wayside inn passed. Then came the years as a home and its last family lived there but briefly in 1938. None would have known it as an Inn by then. Malcom McClare was born in that historic building. His parents would have known […]

Fieldstone Fences: Part 1

We all know of the land grants of Nova Scotia, how instead of being settled, they were sold. Our district was no exception. The private carriages would wheel past here on their way to Windsor Township. Many prominent men would wave their hands in our direction and boast that they owned land out this way. […]

A Hotel Remembers: Part 3 of 3

I was sold again, this time to John Glassey. Then a change of three – Mr. Purdy, Adeline Dunbrack and G.M. Cole. By this time I really was not looking too good and was referred to as “that big barn of a place”. Mr. Jacob Blois came along about this time and while he couldn’t […]

A Hotel Remembers: Part 2 of 3

The next decade from 1865 to 1875 saw our country become a Dominion and the gold mines become a community of over five hundred people. There would be some ninety dwellings, boarding houses, hotels, stores, freight coaches going twice daily from the station to the mines, a telegraph line strung from the station along trees […]

A Hotel Remembers: Part 1 of 3

As you walk along Norman Street on your way to the train depot, you look over and admire the brand new Hotel as it stands on the corner of Station and Grafton Streets. You are one of the residents of Mount Uniacke a hundred and twenty-one years ago. That might seem as if we went […]

The Symbol of Peace in a Steeple

To All Newsletter Readers Since Ronald Mizon, who was sent here from Britain with his sister Bessie during the war, contacted our Newsletter via e-mail several years ago offering to write about their “visit” to our community and surrounding communities, it has tweaked the interest of a lot of our newer residents as to the […]